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Memories to create.

In search of authenticity and simple pleasures . Discover, during the proposed activities, exceptional environments ideal for contemplative or active excursions. The thirst for learning and the desire to

gradually generate indelible memories .

Set off in search of unimaginable treasures. Free yourself from the daily routine by discovering wonderful points of interest. Embark on a surprising journey to live a unique experience. A tourist, cultural, gastronomic, but above all human adventure.





July 3, 2022

Manager: A. Filippini

Cell. 079 799 80 36

Difference in altitude: 1200 metres

Vergelletto, Valle della Camana, Alpe Categn, Salariel.

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August 21, 2021

2156 m. s/m

Manager: D. Ferrari

Cell. 076 225 36 42

Difference in altitude: 900 metres

General informations

Registration for excursions must be made by telephone directly to the tour leader. For particular weather needs, dangers, ..., the tour leader can modify or cancel the excursion.

For trips, those who make their vehicle available receive a contribution (established by the trip leader) from their passengers.

The walking times and differences in height indicated in the program refer to the complete lap, unless other notes are made.

Every year an excursion is carried out in collaboration with the CAI Vigezzo (Clup Alpino Italiano – Vigezzo).

Each participant must be insured against accidents and have their own liability insurance. The trip leader assumes no responsibility.


Date to be defined

Cai Vigezzo

Information will follow

complementary .

Image by Gaëtan Othenin-Girard

Date to be defined

Thread of

Loop tour:

Departure from Ghèiba, Capanna Poncione di Braga Filo di Taneda, Bocchetta Cavallo del Toro and descent to Alpe Bolla, arrival in Ghèiba.

For the Taneda Cavallo del Toro stretch you need sure footing and no vertigo T3/T4.


Explanations of symbols

T 1 – Excursion :

well-marked path; if reported according to FSS regulations: yellow; flat or slightly sloping terrain,

without exposed fall hazards.

T 2 – Mountain excursion:

path with clear path and regular climbs; if reported according to FSS regulations; white-red-white; − sometimes steep terrain, risk of exposed falls not excluded.

T 3 – Challenging mountain hike:

as a rule visible trace on the ground, exposed passages can be secured with ropes or chains, if necessary you need to use your hands for balance; − if reported according to FSS regulations: white-red-white; − individual passages with risk of exposed falls, stones, grassy slopes without traces and strewn

T4 – Alpine itinerary:

path not always identifiable, itinerary at times without a path, sometimes you have to use your hands for progression; − if reported according to FSS standards: white-blue-white; − fairly exposed terrain, delicate grassy slopes, grassy slopes dotted with rocks, easy glaciers without snow.

T5 – challenging alpine itinerary:

often trackless, single easy climbing passages up to second grade; − if reported according to FSS standards: white-blue-white; − exposed and challenging terrain, steep grassy slopes dotted with rocks, glaciers and less dangerous snowfields.

W – Rackets

Freedom of escape.

Adventures for all those who dream and want to escape from everyday life for a short stay.

The destinations invite you to explore a varied territory, from the shores of lakes to the mountain peaks.

From pastures for livestock to rocks where you can observe wild animals, here imagination and escape become the best travel companions. A dialogue between our inner world and the authenticity of the values that the mountains offer us .

For more information

about our activities

you can write to us via

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