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Common passion

The aim of UTOE Locarno is to enhance the splendor of the destination in all its components, primarily on a regional scale but also on a national and international level.


UTOE allows and facilitates the discovery of the local Alpine territory by creating meetings, actively offering the possibility of living authentic experiences in the mountains.

The development of a mission and a common vision based on strong values and the many assets that make up the territory allow us to offer members and potential customers the best of the destination.


Offer members a variety of activities and experiences with a strong regional character.

UTOE takes on the role of point of reference

to promote the territory and regional culture. All this in line with the Association's new aspirations which evoke a return to authenticity and quality of life.


Historical context

On 12 April 1919, in one of the rooms of the Casa del Popolo in Bellinzona, a group of friends, made up of several Swiss-Germans employed at the FFS, formed the UOET (Ticinese excursion workers' union).

It later became UTOE (Ticinese union of hikers).

The working class therefore founded an association that best represented them, whose objective was to escape from the daily routine allowing members to discover the charm of uncontaminated nature. This Alpine reality would have made it easier for the members to abandon the gambling habits that were widespread at the time and to move away from the taverns where they used to meet, allowing them to stay in good health and relax after the long efforts of the week. Over time we wanted to encourage families and enhance local walks.


Live rich experiences

to a nearby destination ,

authentic and on a human scale.

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