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Live rich experiences

to a nearby destination ,

authentic and on a human scale .

UTOE Locarno

UTOE Locarno allows and facilitates the discovery of the local Alpine territory by creating meetings and offering experiences authentic and many activities where the emotions experienced prevail over the topics of conventional tourist circuits.

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Poncione Hut in Braga

Refuge surrounded by alpine greenery.

Refuge located at 2003 m. s/m in the upper Peccia valley, at the foot of the vast meadows of the Masnee and Sròdan alps.

Stone and wood construction on two floors inaugurated in 1998 and extended in 2005, wood and gas kitchen complete with utensils and crockery, wood heating, single refectory with 15 seats. Outside there are 4 tables with benches.



Grossalp hut

Hut located in the upper Bosco Gurin valley at 1907 m. s/m, above the Walzer village of the same name, right next to the Grossalp farms and in the middle of the ski resorts.

Wooden construction on two floors resting on another lower brick floor inaugurated in 1970 and enlarged in 1998.


Hut temporarily closed
not managed by UTOELocarno
for information Tel. +41 91 7590202

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Adventures for all those who dream and want to escape from everyday life for a short stay.

The destinations invite you to explore a varied territory, from the shores of lakes to the mountain peaks.

The destination

The destination invites you to explore a varied territory , from the banks of the lakes to the mountain peaks. From pastures for livestock to rocks where you can observe wild animals, here imagination and escape become the best travel companions. A dialogue between our inner world and the authenticity of the values that the mountains offer us .

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